Watch Lisa's video to hear more about her Christmas wish.

Soon after her diagnosis of advanced multiple sclerosis, Lisa Sheehan realised this illness was going to challenge her mentally just as much as it was going to physically.

As her condition developed and began preventing her caring for her beautiful granddaughter, she found it almost impossible to recognise the depressed and lonely person she had been transformed into. 

Her life had changed forever, and she was desperate to meet other people with multiple sclerosis to support and to help share the weight of the difficult path that lay ahead. But it distressed her to find out her nearest peer support group was over 80 kilometres away from home.

Fortunately Multiple Sclerosis Limited was able to provide Lisa with the training and ongoing support she needed to facilitate an MS Peer Support group in her area. These days, she has all the support and understanding she needs to see her through both the good days and the bad, and she is a much happier person as a result. 

Our hope is that with your donation this Christmas, we’ll be able to provide the same help for many more people like Lisa who are still suffering alone.

Please donate a gift and help us raise $254,611 as soon as possible, so that we can launch new vital MS Peer Support groups across Australia in communities who desperately need our help, like Lisa’s.

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Help save people suffering from multiple sclerosis from terrible loneliness.

You can enable those with multiple sclerosis to connect and talk with others locally and across Australia who share similar experiences. These services are available in face-to-face groups, online and via the phone. 

Help provide a support network for the carers and family members.

You can provide support and information for carers and family members of those with multiple sclerosis, putting them in touch with other carers locally and across Australia to build a strong support network.

Help empower people with multiple sclerosis to train as peer group facilitators.

You can provide training to people with multiple sclerosis who wish to start a peer support group in their area, to help bring comfort and support to hundreds more people this Christmas.