Following his diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, something distressing happened to Mark Crockett. The world that had always seemed so beautiful and exciting to him began to seem colourless and dull.

Things that had once brought him joy began to feel pointless. Even spending time with his beloved wife and daughter no longer brought him any pleasure. It was as if his very soul had died, leaving an empty void inside him that not even the love of his family could fill.

Thank goodness that in his darkest moment Mark managed to find the strength to call MS Connect—the unique, donor funded service that offers a direct line to the practical and emotional care that people like Mark urgently need to escape despair.

Our MS Connect team helped Mark understand that depression is actually a common symptom of multiple sclerosis. And over the months that followed, they provided him with the friendship, care and support he needed to find his way back into the light.

MS Connect depends entirely on donations to help thousands of Australians and their families live well with multiple sclerosis each year. Will you help us raise $280,665 we need in order to ensure people like Mark living with depression this Christmas do not have to endure this devastating symptom alone?

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​​Please help us reach out to people with multiple sclerosis whose lives could be transformed by our Telelink service.

​​​​​​​Who is Meg Denham? It’s a question that Meg herself struggled to answer after multiple sclerosis stole from her all the things that had once defined who she was.

Too fatigued to continue at her job, too weak to go for country walks and too frail to play with her lively kids, Meg barely recognised herself when she looked in the mirror. She was desperate for help, but in her fragile state, she simply lacked the ability to reach out and get it.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited’s Telelink service was created specifically to help people in situations like Meg’s. By using the power of telephone conferencing technology, it brings groups of men and women with multiple sclerosis together for weekly support sessions, offering them the chance to comfort and support one another and learn from expert guest speakers.

Telelink helped Meg reconnect with herself and make peace with her illness. The service means the world to her, and to hundreds of adults and teenagers who benefit from it every year.

But Telelink is entirely paid for by donations, and right now we’re trying to raise $130,164 in order to help fund life-changing weekly Telelink sessions for the rest of the year. We would be so grateful if you could help us out with a gift today, so that we can continue reaching out to people like Meg who can’t reach out to us.